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Sales Management

  • How much revenue will you close this quarter? How certain are you that you are correct?
  • How do you improve the effectiveness of your sales team?
  • Will you meet your targets?

Modern sales is more challenging than ever before. Customers are becoming increasingly fickle and price driven. A poor economy is leading to reduced budgets. Further purchasing decisions are being made higher and higher up in the organisation.

Customers are constantly demanding more value for less revenue. Marketing budgets are reducing, leading to fewer sales leads.

Times are challenging for most sales organisations.

Dawning Truth can help you to ride the storm and improve your sales effectiveness through our consulting services.



  • Sales Maturity Assessment


  • Sales Methodology creation and execution
  • Setting up an effective lead generation strategy
  • Creating sales Growth Loops
  • Building a winning sales team

Technology and Software

  • Creating a CRM/BI system that automates your sales methodologies and metrics

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