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How to Transform your Business

Dawning Truth is founded on the principles of Greatness. We have spent 14 years researching the greatest people and businesses in history, in order to discover the secrets to uncommon achievement. We apply these principles every day in our business and our customer’s businesses.
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Dawning Truth utilises a combination of Accelerated Learning and Human Software Engineering to create training courses that rapidly transfer skills. Our programs utilise a unique combination of theory and practical to ensure effective skills transfer. Click here for more information on our training courses.
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Dawning Truth utilises state-of-the-art business and systems paradigms in our business performance consulting work. This includes growth loops scorecards, complex adaptive management strategies and intelligent BI. We have the skills and experience required to help you take your business to the next level. Click here for more information on our consulting services.
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Dawning Truth utilises one of the most sophisticated recruitment processes in South Africa. Our approach is based on university studies into the best ways of assessing candidate performance. Click here for more information on our recruitment services.