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Customer Care

  • What do your customers really think about you?
  • Are your most loyal customers about to jump ship?
  • Is bad customer service killing your business growth?

Customer care is becoming the key differentiator of the 21st Century. With the advent of mass commoditisation of almost every product and service available it is becoming harder and harder to differentiate on products or services alone. This means that the only area left to create a strong differentiation is customer loyalty, which is primarily driven by delivering quality customer service.

Advances in technology such as the Internet, Social Media and Blogging are making it harder and harder to hide poor customer service. One of the most notable South African examples of this phenomenon is the Hello Peter website.

That’s why it is becoming vitally important that your organisation delivers quality customer service. It may even be a matter of long-term survival.

Dawning Truth will help you to dramatically improve your customer service through our consulting services.



  • Customer Satisfaction Monitoring assessment
  • “Day in the life of a customer” assessment
  • CRM technology assessment


  • Creating a culture of customer service
  • Setting up customer service metrics and KPI’s
  • Linking customer service to your organisational growth loops
  • Customer Services Best Practices Training

Technology and Software

  • Creating a CRM/BI system that automates the tracking of customer service metrics

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