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Create a Solid Foundation

This post is the first in our Greatness category. These posts will contain techniques you can apply to improve your personal effectiveness and attain Greatness in your life. Today’s post is adapted from our book “The Inner Secrets of Greatness” 2nd Edition.

Inner Secret: #2 Create a Solid Foundation

” Create a solid foundation and then build from it “
Anthony Fitzhenry (Multi-Millionaire)

When we observe the lives of history’s Greatest, we find that almost all uncommon achievers had an extraordinary, mastery of the basics. Mozart was so familiar with music that he could compose a symphony piece in his head. Leonardo Da Vinci was a master of all of the painting techniques of his day and Bill Gates was writing computer software while still at school.

It has been said that the difference between the expert and the master lies in their mastery of the fundamentals. Therefore if we want to be Great at anything, we need to be Great at the basics.

Here are a few tips to master the basics:

Determine the area of your life where you would like to master the fundamentals, and then do the following:

  1. Do research in the area you want to master:
    1. Internet and in Books
    2. Speak to subject matter experts
    3. Attend Seminars
    4. Find a mentor
  2. From your research determine the success factors:
    1. What works
    2. What does not work
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice:
    1. Practice each of the success factors until you have mastered it
    2. Eliminate the bad habits that do not work, by practicing what does work
  4. Sharpen the saw:
    1. Make thousands of micro-improvements everyday to enhance performance

The above strategy will enable you to dramtically improve your performance in any area of your life. Give it a try today.

Remember you were born for Greatness!