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Is Low Self Esteem Ruining Your Life?

Low Self Esteem can be one of the biggest limiting factors in your life.

That's why it is important to determine if you have a low self esteem problem. You can check the following list of symptoms...

Do You Have Any of These
Symptoms of Low Self Esteem?

  • Underachievement - Feeling like you could be doing more with your life, or should have achieved more by now
  • Broken or Dysfunctional Relationships - You often find yourself in conflict situations. This may include arguing, strife, revenge, aggression, power games, being a control freak, or even violence. Secretly you would admit to yourself that you don't get on with people very well.
  • Feeling Lonely or Isolated - You don't seem to fit well into social circles. You often feel like the odd one out. Sometimes you even feel alone when you are with friends and family.
  • Thrill Seeking - You may engage in thrill seeking to add some spice to life. This can include smoking, alcohol, drugs, sleeping around, driving dangerously. Sometimes these behaviours serve to take you away from the inner pain or frustration you feel.
  • Lacking Confidence or Feeling Unworthy - You desire a better more successful life, yet on a deep level, feel like you don't deserve it. You may feel inferior to others and that you are not good enough to have the things you deeply desire. 
  • Feeling Inferior No Matter How Successful You Are - Paradoxically, even though you feel inferior, you may find yourself to be excessively and irrationally driven. You may find yourself pursuing money, power, fame at almost any cost. Yet no matter how successful you become, you still feel like you are not good enough.
  • Self-Sabotage - You find yourself sabotaging your good luck, or messing things up just before your big break. You find yourself not doing the things that will help you progress in life. There is always an excuse why you can't do the right things. Or you may start projects, but never finish them. Always moving from one thing to the next... before anything can succeed.

If You Have 2 or More of the above Symptoms,
Then You Are Most Likely Suffering
from Low Self Esteem

And, if you are suffering from low self esteem, then you most likely have one or more of the following problems in your life:

  • Strained Relationships, Divorce, Lost Friendships, Feuds, Conflict with Work Colleagues
  • Feeling Lonely or Isolated, Especially on Weekends or Holiday Times
  • Goals Remaining Unachieved, Dreams Unfulfilled, Regrets, Disappointments
  • Under-earning, Longing for a Better Life that Never seems to Materialise
  • Relentless Obsession, Never Being Satisfied with What You Have, Greed
  • If you are an Employee: Slow Career Progress, Demotions, Being Fired
  • If you are in your Own Business: Low Growth, Stagnation, Frustration with Lack of Progress
  • Health Problems, due to Overindulgence, Deprivation, or Poor Daily Habits (e.g. Always Tired from Lack of Sleep)
  • Addictions, e.g. Alcohol, Drugs, Sleeping Around, Driving Fast, Internet
  • Feeling like Giving Up, as you don't believe you are Worthy of Your Dreams, or that You are Able to Achieve Your Dreams
  • Depression, Feeling like your Life is Going Nowhere, or Lacks Meaning

If You Have 2 or More of the above Problems,
Then Low Self Esteem Is Already Ruining Your Life...

You Need to Do Something about It Urgently!

It's time to Boost Your Self Esteem and Feel More Confident and Powerful in Just 7 Days. Order your copy of Self Confidence BOOSTER™ now.

Introducing Self Confidence BOOSTER™
(Audio Hypnosis Recording)

Self Confidence BOOSTER™ is an audio hypnosis recording which will help you transform negative and limiting beliefs about yourself into powerful enabling beliefs.

Low Self Esteem is a particularly difficult problem to deal with as it is so deeply ingrained in your unconscious mind from years of negative conditioning.

This means that low self esteem is resistant to traditional self help techniques, like positive affirmations, telling yourself you can do it, or reading motivational books. In fact, even expensive psychotherapists struggle to deal with low self esteem issues.

Self Confidence Booster

The Solution Is to Deal with the Heart of the
Issue, in Your Unconscious Mind

This is most effectively accomplished with hypnosis.

And when it comes to hypnosis, there are few people as skilled as Dave Lucas, the creator of Self Confidence BOOSTER™.

Dave Lucas

Dave Lucas is an NLP Master Practitioner, Erickson Hypnotist, Hypnotic Sales Specialist and Inventor of Human Software Engineering. He is the author of the book, Become Great and Powerful.

Dave Lucas is different to other self-help gurus who just talk on stage and write books, but don't have a track record of working face-to-face with real people.

He has worked with thousands of people face-to-face for over 20 years. These people are from all age groups and all walks of life — people just like you. He is particularly talented at getting to the heart of an issue and making the key interventions which lead to lasting and permanent change.

He has unrivaled expertise in hypnosis technologies and techniques, such as Hypnotic Language Patterns, Isomorphic Story Telling, Isochronic Beats, and Hypnotic Music Composition.

Discover the Unmatched Power of The
World's Most Advanced Hypnosis Technologies

Self Confidence BOOSTER™ was built using the world's most advanced hypnosis technologies and techniques.

This maximises the transformative affect of the recording.

Self Confidence BOOSTER™ uses the following high-tech hypnosis technologies and techniques:​

  • Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns - Which allow you to easily change from the inside out
  • Isomorphic Hypnotic Stories - Story telling is the oldest and most effective of all hypnotic techniques. The most powerful stories are Isomorphic stories. You may also know them as parables.
  • Archetype Repatterning - The key problem with low self esteem, is that you have developed a warped, destructive self-image. The recording uses positive archetypes (ideal ways of seeing yourself e.g. the Benevolent Leader), to help you develop a healthy positive self image.
  • Inner Voice Transformation - One key challenge with low self esteem is the annoying voice in your head which keeps breaking you down. The recording utilises subliminal messaging to transform that inner voice into a positive encouraging voice.
  • Subliminal Affirmations - Subliminal affirmations are far more effective than conventional affirmations, as they go directly into the unconscious mind and effect long-term change within the belief system.
  • Hypnotic Music - Music is a powerful change agent, because it directly connects to the emotional brain. The recording uses powerful music, composed in daydreamy hypnotic keys, using state of the art synthesizers. The music takes you along... on an emotional journey... connecting you with your inner soul... the core of your being... as you change your life for the better.
  • Rational / Emotional Integration using Isochronic Beats - Isochronic beats are special sound frequencies which alter brainwaves. The recording uses Isochronic beats to mimic the brainwaves of personal transformation. Effectively it means you just listen to the recording and spontaneously change.

Now you can see why, listening to Self Esteem BOOSTER™ will make you feel more confident and powerful in just 7 days!

Remarkable New
Isochronic Beats Technology

Self Confidence BOOSTER™ is enhanced with state-of-the-art Isochronic Beats Technology. Isochronic beats are special sound frequencies which alter brainwaves. For instance, they can create dreamlike mental states by stimulating theta brainwaves. Or make you feel alert by stimulating alpha brainwaves.

Although there are many who profess to understand this technology, the fact is that they simply do not have the advanced engineering maths skills required, to create multi-frequency Isochronic Beats recordings. These are the recordings you need to change your life.

You Get the Benefit of Our Advanced Engineering Knowledge,
in Changing Your Life.

We have created an advanced Isochronic Beats audio track, which plays while you are listening to Self Confidence BOOSTER™. It sounds like a gentle hum, but what it does is remarkable. Dawning Truth has taken considerable time to investigate psychological research into emotional healing and long-term change. We found that the key mechanism of change is, what is called, Rational / Emotional Integration.

Rational / Emotional Integration Is the Key Process
That Takes Place at the Moment of Transformation

Using Isochronic beats we are able to mimic the Rational / Emotional transformation process. What this means, is you simply listen to Self Confidence BOOSTER™ and you spontaneously change.

It does not get any easier than that.

Watch this video for more details on how the process works:


Why You Can Relax about Buying a Dawning Truth Hypnosis Recording...

No-nonsense 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can feel very comfortable about purchasing a Dawning Truth hypnosis recording. Every hypnosis recording is developed by world-class experts in hypnosis, hypnosis techniques and next generation hypnosis technologies. So you are getting the very best hypnosis recordings available.

Thousands of people have benefited from Dawning Truth's products and services over the past 13 years. This includes large corporates such as Accenture, Deloitte and AMSCO a UN company. So you know you are dealing with a reputable company with a reputation to uphold.

With that being said, we do realise that not all hypnosis recordings work equally well for everybody, so if a recording does not work for you, or do what you wanted, simply let us know within 365 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full, no questions asked (One order per customer).

A Rewarding New Life Awaits You...

When you listen to Self Confidence BOOSTER™, you will relax very deeply as you connect with the core of who you are. Your unconscious mind will be reprogrammed with new empowering belief systems. You will find yourself spontaneously changing as you are set free from the debilitating affects of low self esteem and shame.

You will feel much better about yourself, more confident and more powerful. Your life will change in many new and wonderful ways...

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your Self Confidence BOOSTER™ you will:

  • Build your Self Esteem and amplify your self confidence
  • Feel MORE Confident and Powerful every day
  • Feel MORE Positive about yourself and your capabilities
  • Build an Enhanced Self Image, filled with personal power and self confidence
  • Improve your Relationships and your connection with other people
  • Be More Accepting of yourself and of others
  • Experience MORE Love in your life, from spouses, family and friends
  • Reduce Strife with spouses and family members
  • If you are single, get the courage to pursue the spouse you deserve
  • Get on Better with work colleagues, bosses, staff etc...
  • Reduce Fear of Authority, or being controlled
  • Fit in Better with others on a social level
  • Feel Equal to Others, like you fit in, no longer less or an outsider
  • Be more aware of how you interact with others, and find better ways to relate to your fellow man
  • Feel Like You Deserve to have the good things in life
  • End Self Sabotage, and unconsciously support your own success
  • Be More Motivated to achieve your goals, and finish what you start
  • Develop a Balanced Sense of Ambition, where you strive, and enjoy the fruits of your labour
  • Replace the Negative Cynical Voices in Your Head with a New Powerful Positive Voice
  • Believe in Yourself!

You're the kind of person who resolves their issues and creates a better life. You're going places. You've waited long enough. Order your copy of Self Confidence BOOSTER™ now


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Will this help me with my low self esteem?

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Get instant access to Self Confidence BOOSTER™ now!

Self Confidence Booster

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You want to feel more Confident and Powerful, don't you? Then, get your copy of Self Confidence BOOSTER™ now!

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