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Part 1 - The Dynamics of Low Self Esteem

In this video you will discover the dynamics of low Self Esteem. Where the problem comes from, what makes it such a problem and why it tends to perpetuate itself in your life. Essentially low self esteem is about about power dynamics.


Part 2 - How to be Liberated from Low Self Esteem

In this video you will discover the simple process that allows you to finally conquer low self esteem, once and for all. It is a specific way of understanding power dynamics, and of enhancing your personal power in any life situation. You will discover how to use Power Trading and Affinity Trading.


Part 3 - Getting Rid of the Nah Nah voice in your head

Low self esteem is perpetuated by the voices in your head that tell you, you are nothing, worthless, a loser, not worthy etc... These voices break you down and keep you down. In this video you will discover a powerful technique to transform these negative annoying voices into positive encouraging voices.


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