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In-House vs. External Recruitment: How to Hire Top Executives

In-House Recruitment

Many Companies do In-house Recruitment to Save Costs

In-house can definitely save money especially if you have a high staff turnover or large volume low skill roles.

Recently we did in-house recruitment training for a major corporate. One of the things that struck us was a statement to the following effect. We asked them what they would like to get out the training and the response was, “I know how to get CVs, I don’t know how to find good people”.

That was the last response I ever would have expected from an internal recruiter. What was more shocking was how the rest of the team agreed with him.

This is the Reality of In-House Recruitment

Often your skills come from HR practitioners or recruitment agencies who are incentivised to send CVs, and let the hiring manager decide who is good.

This could be a big risk to your company… here’s why.

Imagine you took the same approach with your Executive Recruitment as you do with your generic roles. You go out there and advertise the role on one of the career portals. You get 30 CVs and send them to the hiring manager to make a decision.

Have you really done your job? Have you really applied best practices to determine if this person is a fit for your organisation? Have you really filtered down the process to find the Top 2% of candidates? Do you know if the person aligns to the key role criteria or whether they have strategic ability? Do you know if the person is a cultural fit to the leadership team? Can you even figure all that out from a CV? Do you know if you even advertised in the right place?

If your answer is “no” to just one of these questions, you very likely have not put in the due diligence required for a role that could sink your company if a mishire is made.

Sure you may do some psychometrics at the end, but psychometrics should be used to confirm your decision, not for filtering, unless you do them for every single candidate. Also psychometrics just check personality, they don’t check subtle but important traits such as ability to execute your strategic vision.

That is why it may not be a good idea to use in-house recruitment for hiring executives.

They are fine for generic roles but for senior roles of great significance, they typically don’t have the skillsets required for finding a top 2% executive.

Neither is it reasonable or fair to expect this of them.

Executive Recruitment is Different

Hiring the wrong executive can hurt or even bankrupt your company.

When you need to hire an executive, you need to follow a proven best practice, which helps you filter out the top 2% of candidates in your salary range. Those are the people you then send to the hiring manager for interview.

Executive Recruitment can be tricky…

That’s why, you may want to consult with external Executive Recruiters. Specialists in finding top people, not just any people.

Dawning Truth has developed the top executive filtering process in the industry.

It takes Executives almost 4 hours to do all the work we give them. We personally interview the executives and assess their strategic ability vs. corporate objectives. We then send you the details of our assessment with their CV. That way you will know that the person you are hiring is good. You will know what you are getting before you even have the first interview.

Contact us now to hire game changing executives who can make your company soar.

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