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Engineering Recruitment – Hire World-class Engineers

How to Find World-class Engineers

Your engineers are the life blood of your product development and manufacturing processes. Without quality engineers, it would be impossible for you to compete in your industry – you simply would not be able to produce quality products that meet your customer’s needs.

That is why your hiring process for engineers is so crucial to your business. The only problem is, it is not easy to determine if the engineer you are hiring is a top-performer or merely a mediocre engineer with a strong CV. This problem is a particular challenge when you are relying on external recruitment providers who don’t understand engineering, and usually do not even have a clue what engineers do.

That’s where Dawning Truth Engineering Recruitment can help you. We know engineering. We understand ASME codes, GCC Certificates, Phase Locked Loops and Missile Aerodynamics. We have the in depth expertise and experience required to find you the right engineer, with the right experience. This process includes competency based assessments, brain profile personality tests and case studies for engineering executives. This is all included in our fees.

We charge the market norm for our services, which is between 15% – 20% of the annual package. So you get a far higher quality service for the same price.

Do you need to hire your next engineer? Then Dawning Truth Engineering Recruitment is the right company to assist you. You can reply to this email now, with your details, and we’ll find you your next engineering superstar.

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