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Dolf Kaestner – Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Trainer & Author


Dolf Kaestner

I will motivate your Team

Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker since 1992
The Trainer and Facilitator since 1983
The Mentor since 1980






  • Presented over 800 keynotes to more than 20,000 people in 12 Countries around the world
  • Presented over 1,000 workshop and training interventions to more than 80,000 people
  • Been a mentor to well over 100 mentees to date
  • Mentor no less than 5 mentees at a time as part of their Personal Development Plans
  • Mentees refer to him as “The Life Changer”
  • Keynote Speech and Presentations adjusted and tailored to clients’ needs
You CAN is Not Enough! (One Hour)
  • This talk looks at the choices we make and why. (also known as The Choice is Yours)
  • It tests their attitude to change and getting them to see that they can achieve what they want provided they set their mind on it
  • It then gives them a 3 stage and 12 steps formula for becoming an I CAN – I WILL – I DO person
 Me The Flea (One Hour)
  • It explores how we have been trained to be conformists and then challenges the audience to be DYNAMIC individuals
  • It examines the 7 steps (Develop; You; Non-Stop; Ambition; Mastery; Initiative and Creative) it takes to become a dynamic in what and how we do things
Achieving Personal Excellence (90 minutes or half day workshop) ( See your Future – Make It Happen )
  • This talk / workshop challenges the audience to take stock of and examine all of the 12 critical areas of their lives
  • This is often the first time that 95% of the audience will have written down goals for themselves
  • It is a deep and very uplifting experience which causes people to evaluate their purpose in life and setting goals for what they want to achieve and then how to do it
  • This has value in the audiences Personal, Team, and Business Lives
 The Edge (90 Minutes)
  • This talk challenges the audience to sharpen their lives so that they can be a driving force rather than a follower
  • It highlights how we allow ourselves to become blunted and stinted in our daily lives
Mirrors of the Mind (One Hour)
  • Also Known as – It Depends On You
  • This talk reflects on who we are, where we came from and what influenced our lives
  • It then calls on us to open up our minds to new possibilities and opportunities
 Dare To Dream (One Hour)
  • Also known as – Dare to be Different
  • Looks at how we are born with a whole range of colours and individual pursuits and then how we slowly but surely loose the colours and become conformists
  • It also rekindles in people the need and desire to dream again and to start living their dreams
Change (90 Minutes)
  • Also known as – Opportunities in a Changing Environment or Coping with Change
  • These talks are centred around helping groups cope with and implement change in their worlds
  • It then looks at the need for change and the effects this has on us as individuals and teams
  • It then looks at 9 ways for coping with change
  • Finally it offers mechanisms for managing change
  • This is a 1 to 1.5 Hour talk depending on the groups needs
Dolphin Wisdom – Working Together (One Hour)
  • Also known as – Dolphin Magic
  • This is a talk on the dynamics of teams and what makes them function effectively
  • This talk looks at the Team Players, Their Traits, Dynamics, Team Development, Conflicts, Ground Rules, Roles etc.
Service Delivery (90 Minutes)
  • Also known as – DIALOGUE
  • This talk is aimed at Government and other organisations that need to deliver Services to their Customers
  • It highlights the principal of customer needs analysis and then
  • It examines 8 Core principles required to deliver effective services as a team


  • 30 Years in Financial Services Corporate World (FNB Group)
  • Managed Teams of 5 to 300
  • Senior Management and Divisional Head
  • Admin, Internal Auditing, HR, IT Systems, Sales, Marketing , New Product Development and Web portfolios
  • Started , owned and run 4 businesses – 1 sold and 3 still active


  • CAIB (SA) – Certified Associate of the Institute of Bankers
  • International Banking School Diploma – SMU – Dallas, Texas
  • Attended 32+ Business Related Courses and Workshops as part of Personal Development Plan
  • School and SA Navy Speaking Champion 1968 & 69
  • Southern Africa Public Speaking Champion 1996 – Represented SA at the World Champs in USA
  • Past District Governor – Toastmasters Southern Africa – Select Distinguished District #7 Worldwide (1988/89)
  • Most Decorated Southern African Toastmasters in the past 43 years for excellence in Speaking and Leadership
  • Past President – PSASA –Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (2012/13)
  • Member of Global Speakers Federation