Do You Ever Feel Success and Happiness Is Not for You?

Finally the Solution to Overcoming the Debilitating Effects of Low Self Esteem, Inferiority Complexes and Feelings of Insecurity.

Just lie back, and listen to this set of recordings as you fall into a deep state of peace and transform from the inside out... 

I Used to Be You

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My name is Dave Lucas and I used to be you.

I used to be burdened with the debilitating effects of low self esteem, inferiority complexes and ​feelings of insecurity.

I felt that happiness, success and prosperity were not for me. They were for others, but not me. Never me. Always somebody else.

Others can have, but I can't. Because I'm inferior.

This feeling of somehow not being good enough continued to plague me, even as I become more successful, wealthier, and more prominent.

I had a hot wife, gorgeous kids, a successful personal development business and a comfy hybrid Lexus. But still I was inferior.

Being into personal development myself, I had no shortage of techniques to try to solve my issue. I tried NLP, Energy Psychology, Traditional Counseling, affirmations, and reading numerous books on the topic.

BUT, not matter what I tried. I still felt less.

It Was Getting Really Annoying, as It Was Holding
Me Back from Realising My Full Potential.

I was afraid to go for certain goals, as I was too inferior to achieve them. I would not do certain activities, as I was obviously not good enough.

I really needed to find a solution.

Then One Day, Quite by Accident
I Came across Hypnosis Downloads

I purchased their Low Self Esteem Booster pack, and hoped for the best.

And boy was I surprised.

I listened to a few of the recordings, and very quickly. Like within about 2 weeks, I noticed something was different about me. I was feeling more confident in my core. A bit more courageous. Something was different.

I Was Healing, Becoming a New Me. My Inferiority Was Going Away.
I Was Starting to Believe in Myself.

And it just went from strength to strength.

I started motivational speaking again, as I regained my confidence.

And most importantly, I realised it's time I made my Dreams come true, instead of everybody elses.

The future is bright and filled with opportunity.

An opportunity that would not have existed without the Low Self Esteem Booster Pack.

That is why I strongly recommend you invest in this uncommon product. I can attest to it's miraculous power.

Why Feeling Inferior Is an Inferior Way to Live

Lifting Your Low Self Esteem Is Easier than You Think,
Do It Right and You Can Feel Radically Better

I started motivational speaking again, as I regained my confidence.

I'm no good at this. It's my fault.

That's what low self esteem sounds like.

I'm unworthy. I'm unlikeable. I'm useless.

That's what low self esteem feels like.

So how do you turn up the dial on self esteem and start to leave those miserable feelings behind?

There are plenty theories on the causes on low self esteem, and in our experience, there are as many reasons as there are people.

What is known is that low self esteem sucks the joy from life.

Boosting Self Esteem Means Focusing
on Solutions, Not Problems

Whenever we feel bad, we go over and over the past in our head, searching for the elusive reason why.

But even if you manage to figure out what or when it started, what are you going to do to fix it?

Okay, let's skip the soul searching and fast forward to the fixing it part.

Now There's a Way to Transform Your
Self Esteem and Your Life in Just 2 Weeks...

Introducing the Low Self Esteem Booster Pack
(Audio Hypnosis Recording Pack)

The 'Low Self Esteem' hypnosis pack focuses on problem solving in the here and now, and changing the way you think about things so you can feel better quickly.

The Low Self Esteem hypnosis pack addresses the key areas that damage your self image and self esteem.

Here's What You Get in the Low Self Esteem Pack:

  • Inferiority Complex - Break the unhelpful habit of feeling inferior and allow yourself to calmly understand both your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Overcome Insecurity - Allow yourself to be led through a process to improve your self image, boost your confidence and teach your imagination to work constructively for you, instead of against you.
  • Building Self Esteem - Learn to relax deeply and connect with the real you, by discovering your good qualities and positive experiences.
  • Stop Self Blame - Understand the difference between control and influence, and discover where the real limits for responsibility are.
  • Self Acceptance - Stop pretending you're something you're not, and accept yourself for who you are.

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How to Boost Your Self Confidence with the
Low Self Esteem Booster Pack.

When you read through the downloads above, you will probably see one or more titles that apply most strongly to your situation. We suggest that you begin by listening to these, one per day for a week.

Once you start to notice definite improvements in these areas, bring the other sessions into your listening rotation and continue with this until you have reached where you want to be.

It Can Feel That Low Self Esteem Has Been with You
Forever, and Will Be Impossible to Shift.

Please be reassured that in our experience, this is not the case, and you will be able to start feeling better about yourself quicker than you could have imagined.

When you use the Low Self Esteem Pack, you will:

When you use the Low Self Esteem Pack, you will:

When you use the Low Self Esteem Pack, you will:

When you use the Low Self Esteem Pack, you will:

  • Say yes to more of life's opportunities, at work, or in your own business
  • Progress towards what you deeply desire in life
  • Socialise more and believe you've got something to say that's worth listening to
  • Feel more positive about your life
  • Be liberated from the bondage of low self esteem

Why You Can Relax about Buying a Hypnosis Downloads recording...

Please put your mind at rest - every hypnosis download is crafted by a team of 4 experienced hypnotherapists, so you are getting the very best self hypnosis available.

With over 24,000 people trained and more than 600,000 mp3 audios purchased, Hypnosis Downloads are the world's largest hypnosis provider. However, they realize that not all downloads work equally well for everybody, so if you find a recording does not work for you or do what you wanted, simply let them know within 90 days and they will refund you in full, no questions asked (One order per customer).​


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Will this help me with my low self esteem?

If You Download your Low Self Esteem Booster Pack Today,
Your Life Could Be Transformed In:


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  • Inferiority Complex
  • Overcome Insecurity
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Stop Self Blame
  • Self Acceptance

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