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Hire Top Talent Today

You know the impact top talent can have on your team. You also know the impact that poor performers can have on your team.

Hiring the right talent for your business is vital for sustained performance. Unfortunately it isn’t always easy to find top talent. Candidates aren’t always truthful in their CV’s. Recruiters forward unsuitable candidates, or don’t understand your spec. Interviewing processes are not always reliable as savvy candidates can talk their way into a job they cannot do. In addition, even if you do find a candidate with the right qualifications and experience, how do you know if they will fit into your organisational culture. There is nothing worse than hiring a brilliant misfit.

This is where Dawning Truth can assist you. We have developed a proprietary Talent sourcing process that matches skills, experience, personality and brain profile to your specific role. If you need a strong hunter salesman who loves cold calling we can find him for you. If you have an unusual requirement such as the need for a strong outgoing accountant we will find her for you.

Dawning Truth can assist you to be more successful in your talent sourcing efforts by providing you with the following types of expert services:

Job Profile Analysis:

  • Qualify In Criteria
  • Qualify Out Criteria
  • Technical Skills
  • Personality and Brain Profile

Candidate Sourcing and Pre-Screening

  • Source Qualified Candidates
  • Pre-Screen Brain Profile to assess personality fit

Candidate Interviewing and Detailed Screening

  • Competency Based Interviews with pre-screened candidates
  • Compile detailed candidate assessment report (click here to view a sample)
  • Forward candidate reports and CV’s to you for assessment and interviewing

The best part of the process is our fees. We charge the market norm for our services, which is between 15% – 20% of the annual package. So you get a far higher quality service for the same price.

We would like the opportunity to meet with you to fully understand your recruiting challenges, in order to explore how we can assist you in addressing them more effectively.

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