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Business Coaching - How to Build A World-Class Company

ATTENTION: CEOs and Senior Executives

"Who Else Wants to Build a World-Class Company That Others Admire?"

"You Are About to Discover the Only Business Coaching Program That Shows You How to Apply the Success Secrets of the World's Most Exceptional Companies to Your Business. Based on 20 Years of Research."

- Introducing The Breakthrough Coaching Program -

Elite Advantage: Advanced Business Coaching Program

"It All Began Almost 25 Years Ago To The Exact Day…"

On that wonderfully warm spring day, two young men named Jim and Steve had just recently graduated from college after years of hard work and dedication. And now they were set to begin their own business ventures. Both men were actually very similar, and both were highly intelligent and friendly as well.

Jim Steve

Now that graduation was behind them, each of these two young men were bound and determined to finally put their roots down and begin their own businesses. This is what each of them had dreamed of for years, and now it was time to make their dreams a reality.

"That Was 25 Long Years Ago…"

...and today these same two men returned to the college they once attended for their big 25th class reunion, almost to the exact day they graduated.

It was almost as if nothing had changed between Jim and Steve. Both were still as friendly and as smart as ever, and now both were married with children. And as fate would have it, both settled in the same region of the US to not only live, but to also start their own businesses…which were still going to this day.

Jim and Steve, for many years, were basically like twins. Both smart, personable, driven, and both had set off on their own business ventures at the same time in their own respected lives.

But Here's Where All the Similarities STOP Between Jim and Steve…

During those 25 years after graduation, Jim had created a small business that employed 10 members of his own friends and family. His business was in the field of home improvement, and each year had been a struggle to stay afloat.


Steve on the other hand had also started a business, but it employed THOUSANDS of people worldwide, and had actually become a multi-national corporation. His business was in the area of software development and it continues to grow, expand and profit on high levels.​

"So WHAT Was the Difference That Ultimately Made Steve Such a Huge Success, and Jim a Struggling Business Owner?"

Was it that Steve was just a bit smarter or maybe had more luck on his side?


Did Steve have more drive and ambition to succeed vs. Jim?


Did Steve make better decisions than Jim when it came to business?


So What WAS "The Secret Sauce" That Made Steve Leap out of the Gate into a More Successful Path than Jim?

Sharing Light

The CORE difference lies in the quality of the mentorship and practical guidance that Steve received along his journey…and HOW he applied it to his business. Nothing more.

With the RIGHT mentorship and the RIGHT practical guidance in your business, you can create your very own world-class and highly profitable company just like Steve.

And now you can get this exact type of mentorship and guidance with Dawning Truth's Elite Advantage: Advanced Business Coaching Program.

"A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Business Coaching That's Never Been Seen Before…"

If you've ever looked at most business coaching programs, many are usually run by people who are not even successful themselves. And, the information is usually based on generic business principles…not real facts.

More hype than anything.

The Straight Path

The Advanced Business Coaching program is a highly unique coaching program that has never been seen before. It's the ONLY coaching program that is entirely based on 20 years of in-depth research into the successful business practices of many of the world's greatest (and most accomplished!) business leaders.

So HOW Exactly Does the Advanced Business Coaching Program Work?

Each coaching session will begin with an overview of a critical key success concept. You will be challenged to see how this concept can be used to advance your business. By doing this challenge, you'll begin to see your business from a whole new perspective, exploding with ideas and possibilities that you never thought was even possible.

But We Don't Just Stop There…

We not only discuss these breakthrough ideas and key concepts, but we also help you focus on the PROPER EXECUTION of these powerful ideas to transform your business. You'll get access to all the insights and steps you need, when you need them the most!

"Never Underestimate the Sheer POWER of Successful Coaching and Mentorship…"

How powerful are these strategies and concepts?

Just the other day I was taking a look at my notes from a recent coaching session and I noted that a client wanted to TRIPLE his overall revenue and become the most dominant player in his industry.

Now for most coaches, this would be a big bite to chew.

But when I read this, I actually got excited because I knew that with some of our most powerful and effective strategies, this client would not only triple his revenues…but he'd blow his competition out of the water. In fact, they wouldn't even know what had hit them, and when they did…it'd be too late.

And That's Exactly What We Did with This Client…

We put a lot of effort and precise action into every angle of his business strategy, and it paid off…big time.

We created a rock-solid strategy and vision for his business and his team. We showed him how to properly execute it with step-by-step details. We analyzed the specific resources he would need to utilize for maximum growth. And we even developed a highly customized Balanced Scorecard metrics system to help him track not only his game plan…but also his entire business.

And Then We Took It Even One Step Further…

And the results have been nothing but EXPLOSIVE!

"Now's Your Chance to Get Explosive and Profitable Results in YOUR  Own Business…"

If you've never attended an Elite Advantage: Advanced Business Coaching Session, then you'll be in for a real treat. You're going to be shocked at just how powerful and useful it can be to you and your business.

In fact, we're so confident in what we can offer you, that we'd
like you to try us out 100% FREE!


We'd like you to put our statements to the test by attending one of our complimentary Elite Advantage: Advanced Business Coaching sessions at no cost to you.

This way you can familiarize yourself with what we do. If you love the session, then you can continue forward to success with us just like many of our amazing clients have done.

And while other "generic" business coaching programs can cost you up to $10,000 per monthwe won't charge anywhere near that. Our normal investment fee is between $2500-$3500 per month, dependent on the size of your organization.

If for any reason our unique coaching approach doesn't meet your expectations, you can cancel our coaching at any time and we'll part as friends. That's our guarantee to you!

Premium Guarantee

Please  Note That We Don't  Just Coach Anyone.

We only focus on those who are seriously committed to growing their business, and willing to invest in elite coaching and mentoring to become industry leaders.

We're not here for those who want a short-cut to success, or those who whine and blame, or those who need to be micro-managed.

We only work with CEOs and Executives who are:

  • Willing to WORK HARD and TAKE ACTION on what we teach.
  • Able to TAKE ADVICE and COLLABORATE with their coach.
  • Willing to WORK TOWARDS their GOALS in a STRUCTURED way.
  • Who are serious about building a world-class company and are willing to do what it takes to achieve their GOALS.


"If you feel you meet the above criteria, and are willing to invest in yourself and your business, and also willing to take action on what we teach you… then please fill out the simple application form below to schedule your complimentary coaching session with us."

We respect your privacy. Your personal info will be kept confidential.​

We're Not Here to Promise That You'll Be Successful.

No one can do that.

But what we will promise is that we will do everything in our power to help you succeed, and to give you the strategies most likely to help you get there.

Just like with Jim and Steve, the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between the success of one vs. the other was coaching and mentoring.

And now's your opportunity to get the precise coaching and mentoring you need to transform your business.

We look forward to working directly with you…

Dave Lucas - CEO Dawning Truth

Dave Lucas

CEO Dawning Truth

P.S. Remember, the Elite Advantage: Advanced Business Coaching Program may be tax deductible. Be sure to ask your tax adviser or accountant to check if it's deductible for you.

P.P.S. What are waiting for? Apply for your complimentary coaching session now.


"If you are willing to invest in yourself and your business, and also willing to take action on what we teach you… then please fill out the simple application form below to schedule your complimentary coaching session with us."

We respect your privacy. Your personal info will be kept confidential.​

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