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Truck Salesperson (hunter) – DT69

Leading truck supplier seeks a highly driven hunter salesperson who wants to write their own salary cheque. Earn some of the largest commissions in any sales role. Sell trucks to small to medium transport companies. Top quality product with proven reliability and cost efficiency. Product ideal for commercial truck operations.

Ideal Person for the Role

The ideal candidate for this role will be a typical salesperson. You will be highly driven and even forceful. You will be a go-getter who is also savvy with financial matters such as cash flow projections, and commercial vehicle  financing. You will be a trustworthy person who is able to get small to medium business owners to share sensitive business information with you.

You are an extrovert and a real people person. You can sell snow to the Eskimo’s and have in fact just signed your second contract for snow shipments ;-). You have natural charm and are people savvy. You can read people well. You are also able to deal with the analytical matters such as writing business cases for banks.

You have a substantial existing network of trucking operators who know you, like you and trust you. You are able to go to these operators tomorrow to sell them new trucks.

You get impatient sitting behind a desk all day, and need to be out there charming the customers and getting new accounts. You also love traveling across the country to get business wherever it may be.

Benefits of this Role:

  • Top Commercial Vehicle company
  • Solution has a strong and verifiable business case
  • Solution cuts costs without reducing quality. Just about every company these days wants to cut costs.
  • Uncapped commissions.
  • Top Reps can make R80 000 per month. If you put in the work you should be able to make at least R42 000 per month. The right kind of person will want to make the R 80 000 per month.

Job Description:

The Solution

A leading commercial trucking brand. Reliable with competitive operating costs.

Sales of a quality in-demand trucks to commercial transport operators:

  • Generating new business with networking, referrals, and hunting for business
  • Selling to your existing network
  • Presentation of product to decision makers
  • Managing opportunities through the pipeline and closing
  • Managing business politics and creating alignment towards a sales objective
  • Actively growing client base
  • Closing business to meet sales quota

Reports to: Sales Manager

Location: Johannesburg


Basic: R 15 000 to R 20 000

On Target Earnings: R 39 000 to R 44 000

Maximum Earnings: No salary cap (Top Earners make up to R 80 000)

Type: Permanent

Start: ASAP

Reference: DT69

Experience Required:

  • 2+ Years Sales Experience
  • Preference for Commercial Truck Sales
  • Fleet Account Management Exposure Advantageous
  • Background in the Motor trade
  • Existing Network in the trucking industry (SME), vitally important
  • Experience with Deal Financing, Cash Flow Projections and Motivations – Strongly Advantageous
  • Fast learner
  • People Savvy
  • Persuasive and can close deals

Jobs like this don’t come around that often, so make sure you apply now.

Call Dave Lucas at 011 655 7391

Email: [encode_email email=”” display=”jobs69 @”]

(Please email your CV before calling us.)

[Know someone who is a perfect match for this job? Get them to email their CV to [encode_email email=”” display=”jobs69 @”] jobs69 @ . Makes sure they mention your name as the person who referred them to us, and we will give you R3000 if we successfully place them in the job role (DT69).]