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Insurance Sales Consultant – DT19

Leading Insurer seeks highly driven sales person who wants to earn a substantial income. The position is based in Johannesburg North. Focus on selling short term personal lines to suburban consumers. One of the best if not the best short-term insurance products on the market. Phenominal conversion rates. The solution saves consumers money whilst at the same time provising a superior offering.

Ideal Person’s Nature

The ideal candidate for this role will be a typical salesperson. You are highly driven and even forceful. You are a go-getter who takes any opportunity you can to close a deal or get a lead. You will have a large network of friends and associates whom you can speak to. You will be able to network and get referrals to new customers.

You are an extrovert and a real people person. You can sell airconditioners to the Alaskans. You have natural charm and are people savvy. You can read people well, and can understand why they buy insurance.

You get impatient sitting behind a desk all day, and need to be out there charming the customers and closing new deals.You are a consultative sales person.

You may not like admin, but you know it needs to be done well, to ensure deals are closed. Therefore you do it yourself.

Benefits of the Role:

  1. One of South Africa’s leading insurance companies
  2. Excellent market reputation for service and integrity
  3. Competitive premiums
  4. Excellent after sales service to ensure client satisfaction
  5. Performance bonuses and overseas trips for top performers
  6. Top Reps can make R 80 000 in a good month. If you put in the work you should be able to make at least R28 000 per month.

Job Description:

The Solution
One of South Africa’s leading short term insurance policies. Personalised risk profiling leads to reduced premiums for many customers. Personalised quality service. Broad coverage with many inclusions, which are extra with competitors. This is a product that clients want when they realise how comprehensive it is.

Sales of a quality in-demand solution to consumers.

  1. Generating new business with networking, referrals, and hunting for business
  2. Presentation of product to consumers
  3. Policy consulting and closing business
  4. Sales admin
  5. Actively growing client base
  6. Closing business to meet sales quota

Reports to: Sales Manager
Location: Johannesburg + Greater Gauteng
Own Vehicle: Required + Valid License
Basic: R 10 000 per month
On Target Earnings: R 28 000 per month
Maximum Earnings: No salary cap (Top Earners make up to R 80 000 in a good month)
Type: Permanent
Start: ASAP
Reference: DT19 (Use when contacting us)

Experience Required:

30 FAIS Credits NON NEGOTIABLE. 2 years of prior External Sales Experience in the short-term insurance industry. Preference given to people who have had to generate their own leads through cold-calling, networking and other means. Having the traits of a natural born salesperson important.

Own network of middle to upper income individuals non-negotiable.

People who are suitable for this role will answer ‘yes’ to most (or all) of these questions:

  1. Do you have a driving nature, and determination to get the results you want?
  2. Are you tough and strong? Do you have a Rhino skin?
  3. Do you enjoy the thrill of hunting for and closing new business?
  4. Are you an outgoing people person?
  5. Do other people consider you an extrovert?
  6. Are you a natural networker who enjoys meeting new people?
  7. Do you enjoy evangelising a quality solution to a variety of new customers everyday?
  8. Do you enjoy telling the same powerful message over and over to close business?
  9. Can you listen to customers, get to the point when needed, and move on to the next customer?
  10. Do you enjoy repeating what works so that you can make more money?
  11. Can you smooth talk? Do you have natural charm?
  12. Do you prefer to be out at customers, rather than chained to a desk?
  13. Are you hardworking and determined to succeed?
  14. Are you finicky about getting the paperwork right.
  15. Do you want to earn an above average income? Are you prepared to put in the work to earn it?

Great jobs like this don’t come around that often, so make sure you apply now.

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