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Maintenance Executive (EE) – DT113

Leading food manufacturer seeks Maintenance Executive (Employment Equity). Oversee maintenance and continuous plant improvements.

Non-Negotiables (We will check)

  • Excellent complex problem solving and critical thinking skills. Ability to make the correct judgement call in the face of conflicting data. Wise decision making ability. Able to analyse facts and figures. Takes accountability for decisions (Internal locus of control).
  • Strong at creating “order out of chaos”. Can introduce and execute a strategic transformation plan, to drive optimisation and efficiency. Proactive rather than reactive thinker.
  • Leads as part of the team. Exceptional people skills. Reads people well. Manages own emotions well. Win-win collaborator. Mentor and developer of staff.
  • Mental toughness. Can handle a large amount of stress and responsibility and thrive.
  • Wants to make a difference in the role. Stable career history.

What the person must be able to do:

This role is in the South African manufacturing industry. Specifically the manufacture of food products such as Mielie Meal. All duties would take place in this context.

  • Oversee all plant planning, design and maintenance
  • Take full operational accountability for installation and maintenance of:
    • Mechanical Machines, Automated Machines, Tools, Functional Equipment
  • Oversee utilities such as electricity, water, steam and effluent
  • Understand how to design and repair boilers
  • Understand heavy machinery that relies on centrifugal forces
  • Understand large scale pumps
  • Advantageous: Understand food manufacturing
  • Introduce and monitor proactive maintenance schedules and practices
  • Mentoring and staff skills upliftment
  • People skills and interdepartmental harmonisation skills
  • Manage a team of 50 maintenance staff

Key Job Deliverables (First 6-12 Months):

  • Analyse current status of operation and identify opportunities for optimisation
  • Compile cogent 5 year Strategy and Action Plan for optimisation and proactive maintenance
  • Execute Strategy and Action Plan
  • Develop a proactive skills upliftment strategy for the business and execute

Background work experience

  • 5+ years experience as a Plant Maintenance Executive or equivalent (i.e. Must have had overall accountability for a Plant)
  • GCC GMR 2 (Non Negotiable)
  • Mechanical Engineering BSc or BTech (Pref for BSc)
  • Preference for MEng or MBA
  • Proven track record in plant optimisation and proactive maintenance (we will check references)
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Type of Person

Qualify In

  • Action orientated
  • Analytical thinker
  • Innovator
  • Improvement Driven
  • Strong leadership skills – Leads as a member of the team
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills at all levels (From senior management to blue collar workers)
  • Natural coach and mentor
  • Strong project management and facilitation skills
  • Success orientated

Qualify Out

  • Abrasive
  • Emotionally cold
  • Focuses on numbers and forgets about people
  • Introverted – Not a people person
  • Wants to be spoon fed
  • Lethargic
  • Confined to Analysis-Paralysis

Personality Summary:

  • Moderate to High Driver – Results Orientated Go-getter. Strategic thinker.
  • Moderate to High Analytical – Strong with analysis, metrics, data and fact based decision making.
  • Moderate Expressive – People person, natural leader.
  • Advantageous – Moderate Administrative – Good with procedures, processes and best practices.

Benefits of this Role:

  • Top tier food manufacturer (Household Brand Name)
  • Opportunity to make a difference and “leave your mark”
  • High powered environment

Reports to: Plant Executive

Location: Johannesburg South (Walkerville Area)

Employment Equity: Strictly

Salary: Market Related. In the Range of R1 Million per annum. Negotiable for exceptional candidates.

Type: Permanent

Start: ASAP

Reference: DT 113

Jobs like this don’t come around that often, so make sure you apply now.

Call Dave Lucas at 011 655 7391

Email: j113 @  (Please email your CV before calling us.)